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Trekking & Hiking

Nowhere else throughout the country, the nature is perfect to trek as same as in Da Lat. This Central Vietnamese highland city is home of magnificent mountains and forested hills where trekkers can find numerous trails, to immerse themselves in the wildlife. In city downtown’s proximity, routes around beautiful artificial lake areas (like Valley of love or Tuyen Lam lake) and to some peaks (like Lang Biang) are popular to trippers. Some of which require a local guide who know right ways and support when needed. Explorations there don’t require to sleep overnight, but available upon request. Further all directions, there are many nice trails too. Ta Nang-Phan Dung is a highlight, drawing thousands of tourists each year, thanks to its surrounding nearly-untouched environment. Private, small and large groups are possible to be arranged by travel agencies, like the Highland Adventure Travel. To the northeast, Bidoup-Nui Ba national park is not only ideal to trek, but also a diverse ecological museum to know more about. Bird-watching tour is loved by nature lovers here.