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Policies on Services

1. Our website’s information integrity policy

We guarantee to provide you all up-to-date, accurate, unbiased and objective information about Vietnam travel. Although we are very proud of our country, we’re also honest. If something isn’t as good as it should be, we’ll tell you – we don’t want you to be disappointed. If you want very specific information, we’ll try to find it for you.

2. Contact & respond

From the first time you contact us until your arrival in Vietnam, we’ll be ready to provide information or respond to you as soon as possile. Normally, it takes about an hours to respond. If it’s more complicated than normal, we’ll tell you how long it will take. Throughout your stay in Vietnam, you’ll able to contact our office in Dalat from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 8PM. We’ll also provide you with a 24h hotline number in case anything unforeseen crops up.

3. Tour guide

We’ll provide you with a high-quality guide for all tours. We usually use expert local guides because they have an in-depth knowledge of the area in advance to ensure that everything runs smoothly and effortlessly. All guide will be highly responsible, fluent in your language, and skilled.

4. Fair prices with no hidden extras

With our honourable and transparent pricing policy, the price you see on our website is the price you pay – no gimmicks or hidden extras. In case you need something that we do not provide with the tour, we’ll tell you the price that suppliers give, we don’t make deals to receive commission.

5. Payment security

For worldwide clients, when you book a tour with The Highland Travel, the contract will be between yourself and The Highland Travel Co., Ltd (THT). We are fully licensed by the Vietnam National Authority for Tourism (VNAT) as an International Tour Operator. Our International Tour Operator Licence number is 0102/2020/TCDL-GPLHQT. The terms of our licence require us to place a substantial cash bond in a secure account. The account has two signatories – THT and VNAT. The money in the account is solely for compensating clients – VNAT will not allow us to withdraw money for any other purpose. If compensation has to be paid to a client, we are obliged to top up the bond to its original level immediately.

6. Compensation

If we, or a third party contracted to us, fail to deliver a part of the agreed contract, we’ll reimburse you. Force majeure, such as cancellation or postponement resulting from government action or policy, war, civil unrest or natural disasters, are excluded.

7. Privacy

If you send us a request for information or a booking, we’ll tell you to provide the personal information that we need. All personal information you provide is used only for correspondence relating to your holiday or tour – The Highland Travel doesn’t rent, trade, or sell the personal information you provide. After your tour, we’ll contact you to ask for your for opinions and comments about your experience of travelling with us. This action is nessecary for seeking information to improve the quality of our services. Sometimes, we’ll ask you for permission to use your name, your photos and quote a sentence on our website.The decision to assist us in this way is entirely yours – our request doesn’t place you under any obligation. If we have any changes to this policy, they will be posted on this page.